Top 10 Best Christmas Light Projectors Reviews

Top 10 Best Christmas Light Projectors Reviews

Christmas is around the corner ! And yet you do not have enough to decorate your house. You can relax, we have worked for you.
Indeed, we decided to review the best laster chirstmas lights so that you can make a choice between all the offers you can find. Between the christmas light projectors, the star shower laser light and other outdoor laser lights, let’s find out which
christmas light projector will illuminate your house and garden the best !

Starry projector for Christmas

Our first Christmas light projector is a starry projector which can be both used in and outdoors. Very Handy when you want to use it for different purpose. It has an Auto on/ Off Timer so you can decide on the perfect timing to start and stop your lights. It is waterproof: you will not have to worry about it behing stuck Under the snow or rain. The big pro of this light: it will turn of depending on the light intensity which is a real Energy saver !

Christmas snowball light

This Christmas light imitate the effect of the snow fallin on your house, which looks amazing ! It is the real advantage of this light. It gives a true Christmas atmosphere for you decoration.It is also waterproof so it can be used both in and outdoors. The light has different speed mode and a remote to control the time and speed. However, the light will only be white (yellowish) so you will not be able to choose several colors.

Red & green star projector

This light is really cool as it offers a lot of different patterns to project. All will be red and green and the color cannot be changed. But you can modify the speed the timing and the pattern. These lights can be used in and outside and can be placed between 30 and 50 meters far from the wall to make sure the entire house place will be covered in stars. It is very easy to install and has a built-in timer.

Snowflake light

What will be Christmas without real snowflakes? Even if you live in the hottest country in the world, these lights will make you feel the happiness to play between snowflakes ! The light projects Moving snowflakes on your house or on a wall and will be loved by children. The waterproof protection is only IP44 which means it will be important to cover it if using it outside.

Star shower laser light

Similar to the red and green star projector, this light will be very powerful using the laser technology. This light has a wide coverage so it will create a great envelop around your house if you want to use it outside. Above all, this light is very safe for an external use and will not be a danger for children or animals.

Holiday Led projector light

This light is very interesting as it will not only project lights, points or star, but an entire drawing on your wall. If you want a santa claus on you Walls, you can ! If you want a Christmas tree, you can also ! Thus you will be able to display Drawings not only for Christmas but also during other period of the year. very resistant, this light can resists temperatures from -25°C to 36°C. However, it will be important to be careful with the power adapter which is less water resistant.

Christmas projector light

This light is another drawing projector which will project directly on your walls drawing of different pattern you can choose. The big pro: you will not have to hang it, it remains on a simple base. It is very easy to install and program. In this one you will have a weather resistant cap to protect the electric connections.

Christmas outdoor laser light

We present another red and green star light. This want is water resistant and can be planted in the grass directly to be very stable on the ground. It will cover an entire face of your house with thousand of lasers which will look like red and green shining stars. Luckily, this light will automaticaly turn off after 6 hours of using and turn on after 18 hours of non-use. It is very Handy if you are not Always home to start it !

Red and Green light shower

Do you want to mix a light which can display drawing and a light which is a star shower one. Here is the light you were looking for. With this light you will be able todisplay small drawing in shower on your walls. This makes it a very cool as it is original and not common.

Animated led projector

Let’s go back to our drawing. this light displays animated drawing on the walls. It is water and weather resitstant to make sur the rain or humidity will not ruin your decoration. Easy to use, it offers a lot of different patterns for you to display. Paired with a star shower projector it might impress your neighbors !

Now you know everything about the best 10 laser Christmas light. All are pretty good but some have more restistant to the weather and humidity. This is a big factor to take in account depending on where you live.
So which one will you choose?

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